Why are so many people denied a Canadian visa? Angela Ogundele

Written by on October 28, 2021

Many Nigerians seeking Canadian Visas have had their applications refused due to a lack of consistency in their field of study, insufficient documentation of ties to their home country, erratic financial contributions to bank accounts, and weak job status.

Angela Ogundele, CEO of HisCharis Immigration Citizenship Service, recently echoed these sentiments when addressing them during HisCharis’ virtual debut.

On the topic of ‘Study in Canada and Immigrate,’ Ogundele stated that it is critical to stay in one’s prior field of study if one wishes to study in Canada.
“You may come to Canada as a student, a worker, or a businessperson,” she explained.

“If you’re coming as a student, stick to whatever industry you’ve previously worked in.” It is preferable to apply for an art program if you have a background in the arts.

“Also, if you want to travel with your family on a student visa, it is recommended that you first acquire your own visa before filing for the visas of your family members.”

“Otherwise, it will be thought that you are attempting to immigrate with your family rather than study.”

If you want to work, locate an employer who will hire you or come in on a provisional nomination.

“As a company owner, you can purchase a business for $250,000 to $350,000; however, you must hire a Canadian for at least the first year.”

She regretted that many individuals attempt to move to Canada without a solid strategy, despite the fact that HisCharis offers a five-year Strategic Plan that might enable qualified folks to come into Canada and become citizens.

In addition, the qualified immigration counselor and Canadian Commissioner for Oath offered her experience in the immigration service arena.
“This is a love that began 14 years ago while I was a student in Canada,” she explained.

“With hindsight, I can say that the voyage has been incredible.”

“I would then assist my friends, family, and other acquaintances with their immigration issues.”

“Now it’s a company, and we do everything from visa applications to permanent residence applications, scholarships, custodianship, free college meals, academic excellence assistance, paperwork, and consulting.”

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