Workers’ Day: Labour laments rising food prices, fuel crisis.

Written by on May 1, 2024

As Nigerian workers commemorate the 2024 May Day today, Wednesday, organized labour has expressed concern about the rising food prices and fuel scarcity in the country, saying the current situation threatens workers’ survival.

The Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress leaders, in an interview lamented the harsh economic situation which had been compounded by the twin burdens of the electricity tariff hike and high fuel pump prices.

As the unions expressed concern about the economic  hardship, queues at fuel stations worsened also lamenting the high prices of food, labour leaders said workers were finding it difficult to make ends meet.

This year’s Workers’ Day celebration comes in the face of rising inflation and biting fuel scarcity in many parts of the nation coupled with the minimum wage which has remained stagnant at the same level despite the high cost of living in the country.

The labour leaders in Ekiti State said it was a miracle workers were surviving under the present economic reality, citing the inflation, poverty rate, electricity tariff and high fuel prices.

The TUC Chairman, Sola Adigun, said, “The survival of workers and Nigerians as a whole under the present economic hardship and reality is a miracle; That Nigerian workers could survive and still find ways of going to offices, doing their work; I think it takes God’s miracle to do that. The TUC chairman, however, said that despite the threats “Nigerian workers have a lot of causes to celebrate. We have reasons to celebrate.

Adigun appreciated the liberty and other constitutional rights enjoyed by workers in the country.

“If you compare the present situation, though we are complaining about the inflation, poverty level, etc, Today (May 1), in all states across the country, labour leaders will stand up and demand and make complaints.

“I want to tell you, we are so sure that the labour leaders will do all these without being threatened. Some years ago, such could not happen.

“With that, it is worth celebrating although the economic reality, poverty level, rising inflation, increasing fuel prices are not good elements of celebrating Nigerian workers,” the labour leader said.

Today, in many states across Nigeria there will be various events hosted by state governors, NLC, some organizations to commemorate this years workers day.

Nigerians are hoping that those states that are yet to start paying the official minimum wage will start this year to reduce the current hardship in the country.

However, the Federal Government yesterday approved an increase of between 25% and 35% in salary for civil servants on the remaining six Consolidated Salary Structures. It also approved pay rise for its pensioners under the Defined Benefits Scheme, DBS.




Source: Punch & Vanguard


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