Kedu ife ighotaa maka ozi a na efeghari n’onya-nwududo maka nwa ada Amaka

Written by on August 28, 2023


Amaka Gift social media accounts was never hacked as she is “PAINTING” but was taken down by her sponsor after she made several attempts to change their passwords because the page is now yielding income.

“I took it down over betrayal of trust, love, commitment and investment for 9years. I dated Amaka Gift for 3years before introducing her to music in 2017 from her local church choir.

“I created all the social media account and saw to their growth. I shot every single video and made all post on the pages I created, l Spent money on newspapers, radios stations, printing of CDs, branding of outfits, hosting concerts with Bilboards and Posters. Carrying out Charity activities, paying and setting up rehearsals all in the name of promoting and projecting Amaka Gift to limelight.

“As a girl I had future plans with, her comfort became my priority. I Furnished her apartment with properties and gadgets to the best comfort and set up a Studio at her apartment for her to perform well without stress both in Music and her Academics. Her lodge mates can attest to this.

“I went with Amaka Gift to Maxy Michael for a collaboration of songs to expose her more for us to win more souls for God through the now booming gospel music page but instead of songs they went into fake proposal prank video, which was made to stir up reactions and draw attention to the new songs both will subsequently release.

“They refused to do an early debunk of the prank video as earlier agreed. They went further to post more romantic videos with affection and as they both started flirting with each other.

“As Amaka Gift sponsor and fiancé, we agreed to keep our relationship private to protect and maintain sanity her ministry. I always appear as her manager only to make our relationship public when we’ll be getting married upon her graduation from the university but Amaka Gift betrayed and took advantage of my our private relationship and position as her manager to flirt with Maxy Michael.

“I managed the situation silently to protect her brand and had A private warnings and dialogues with Amaka Gift for a month over her affair with Maxy Michael.

Even with the pains and disappointment I faced. The second month I took the complaints to her family, She continued till the third month. Right Before Amaka Gift and Maxy Michael I told Maxy to leave Amaka to concentrate as a woman of God. Amaka Gift Mother also called Maxy Michael to inform him that her daughter is in a relationship which she has benefited from and not ready to welcome another.

“During the time of our relationship, which is known to both parents and close friends. I and Amaka Gift has knelt down and received blessings from our both late father’s before they died. Even on sick bed Amaka Gift father made a request to the family not let me face difficulties while paying her bride price as I’ve done so well to lift her in her career as he has seen the progress so far and had attended concerts and birthday party’s hosted for Amaka Gift courtesy of me.

“Amaka Gift wanted to leave the relationship as a saint who has also been single and sponsoring herself. She Wanted to leave and enjoy the benefit of my efforts over the years alone with a guy she met within few weeks. She wanted to leave when the entire struggle has started paying off. She wanted to leave because she’s in love and has forgotten my blood and sweat for 9 years.

“Hence I made this post for the general public to know the true nature of the story and the exact reason her page is temporarily down.

“My only offence was that i was respecting God so I never took carnal knowledge of her, I was waiting for her to graduate from school before I perform her traditional rites.” – Ibex




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