How I became famous in my profession with music – Onanome

Written by on August 25, 2021

Onanome Fortune Augustine, a Nigerian musician, performer, and composer, has urged the emerging stars to seize the possibilities around them that may be the key to their success.

The musical feeling of the State of Delta popularly called Onanome was a great opportunity in 2014, which brought her to the MTN Project Fame Western Africa as a background vocalist, a tour which led her to take up roles as a backup vocalist for admirable musicians such as Darey Art Alade, which has made her a turning point in her music career.

During this time Onanome revealed that she has taken part in several popular Lagos-based musical ensembles such as Adrenaline Entertainment; Salt Of The Earth Band and the Eboni Band.

Onanome, a soul-and-African beat artist, vocalist, and songwriter, characterized her as her debut solo, ‘Runaway,’ grabbed the audience as a vocalist in 2018, and subsequently released another single titled ‘Sweet Things’ on February 14, 2019 (all-tracks dancing).

Onanome told me, that she was swimming on every instrument produced by Dopeness featuring rap artist Mauricester and that she had also worked on the song to honor late Nigerian producer Dan Foster, where she was presented together with a few other skilled Nigerian artists “I’ve also been featured in several songs where I’ve proven that singing isn’t just a skill but an innate one.”

Originating from Delta state, Onanome began her secondary school education at Ogbe Secondary School in the State of Warri Delta on April 25th, in Benín State, Edo State Nigeria, as the final family of three.

As a young girl, Onanome claimed that it found music fascinating and sung practically every day to school, and now, music for her is more than a livelihood. “It was the very source of life since I felt extremely excited and in the dimensions of the journey, whenever I sang,” Onanome said.
After graduating, OSISATECH Polytechnic Enugu, State of Enugu, where she studied Mass Communication, Onanome, claimed she was involved in the music scene for a number of years, and then eventually established her own live band called Dsuprème Band. She was also known as OSISATECH Polytechnic.

In 2018 she appeared at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, and recently in South Africa, at the Nelson Mandela Theatre Jo’burg, as the main vocalist in a Broadway Stage Musical titled “Kakadu The Musical.”

“At Lagos, Nigeria, my freshman single, “Runaway,” started my skill as a songwriter, soul, Afro Beat, and vocalist. I’ve made a number of others since then.

“When I first perceived my ability for music in 2020 I was included in a song called “Badman.” I played my second single in 2018, “Sweet Things,” in a memorial song to late Nigerian producer Dan Foster,’ Onanome stated.

In 2018 meanwhile, the sensations of Nigerian music appeared in a musical “Kakadu The Musical” on Broadway Stage. It was during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland when she performed as the lead singer.

Onanome says it “throws the crowd into classic ragged rhythms with charm and vocal boldness and spreads peace through voice.” R&B, soul, and gospel.

Her noteworthy events include her live performance at WEF’s Nelson Mandela Theater Jo’burg in Davos, Switzerland, and South Africa.

“Onanome and her outstanding all-star band, Dsupreme Band, have genuinely personified the spirit of the listener in every live performance; aware artists and projects from all corners of the world, who simmer on the common ground and sparkle all-goodness.” She remarked of herself and her band.

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